AuthorParser module

class scholarly.author_parser.AuthorParser(nav)[source]

Returns an object for a single author

fill(author, sections: list = [], sortby='citedby', publication_limit: int = 0)[source]

Populate the Author with information from their profile

The sections argument allows for finer granularity of the profile information to be pulled.

  • sections (['basics','citations','counts','public_access','coauthors','publications',[]] list, optional) –

    Sections of author profile to be filled, defaults to [].

    • basics: fills name, affiliation, and interests;
    • citations: fills h-index, i10-index, and 5-year analogues;
    • counts: fills number of citations per year;
    • public_access: fills number of articles with public access mandates;
    • coauthors: fills co-authors;
    • publications: fills publications;
    • []: fills all of the above
  • sortby (string) – Select the order of the citations in the author page. Either by ‘citedby’ or ‘year’. Defaults to ‘citedby’.
  • publication_limit (int) – Select the max number of publications you want you want to fill for the author. Defaults to no limit.

The filled object if fill was successfull, False otherwise.

Return type:

Author or bool

search_query = scholarly.search_author('Steven A Cholewiak')
author = next(search_query)
author = scholarly.fill(author, sections=['basics', 'citations', 'coauthors'])
{'affiliation': 'Vision Scientist',
 'citedby': 304,
 'citedby5y': 226,
 'coauthors': [{'affiliation': 'Kurt Koffka Professor of Experimental '
                               'Psychology, University of Giessen',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Roland Fleming',
                'scholar_id': 'ruUKktgAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Professor of Vision Science, UC Berkeley',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Martin Banks',
                'scholar_id': 'Smr99uEAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Durham University, Computer Science & Physics',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Gordon D. Love',
                'scholar_id': '3xJXtlwAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Professor of ECE, Purdue University',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Hong Z Tan',
                'scholar_id': 'OiVOAHMAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Deepmind',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Ari Weinstein',
                'scholar_id': 'MnUboHYAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': "Brigham and Women's Hospital/Harvard Medical "
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Chia-Chien Wu',
                'scholar_id': 'dqokykoAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, '
                               'Rutgers University',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Jacob Feldman',
                'scholar_id': 'KoJrMIAAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Research Scientist at Google Research, PhD '
                               'Student at UC Berkeley',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Pratul Srinivasan',
                'scholar_id': 'aYyDsZ0AAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Formerly: Indiana University, Rutgers '
                               'University, University of Pennsylvania',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Peter C. Pantelis',
                'scholar_id': 'FoVvIK0AAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Professor in Computer Science, University of '
                               'California, Berkeley',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Ren Ng',
                'scholar_id': '6H0mhLUAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Yale University',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Steven W Zucker',
                'scholar_id': 'rNTIQXYAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Brown University',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Ben Kunsberg',
                'scholar_id': 'JPZWLKQAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Manish Singh',
                'scholar_id': '9XRvM88AAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Silicon Valley Professor of ECE, Purdue '
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'David S. Ebert',
                'scholar_id': 'fD3JviYAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Clinical Director, Neurolens Inc.,',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Vivek Labhishetty',
                'scholar_id': 'tD7OGTQAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'MIT',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Joshua B. Tenenbaum',
                'scholar_id': 'rRJ9wTJMUB8C',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Chief Scientist, isee AI',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Chris Baker',
                'scholar_id': 'bTdT7hAAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Professor of Psychology, Ewha Womans '
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Sung-Ho Kim',
                'scholar_id': 'KXQb7CAAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Assistant Professor, Boston University',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Melissa M. Kibbe',
                'scholar_id': 'NN4GKo8AAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'},
               {'affiliation': 'Nvidia Corporation',
                'filled': False,
                'name': 'Peter Shirley',
                'scholar_id': 'nHx9IgYAAAAJ',
                'source': 'CO_AUTHORS_LIST'}],
 'email_domain': '',
 'homepage': '',
 'filled': False,
 'hindex': 9,
 'hindex5y': 9,
 'i10index': 8,
 'i10index5y': 7,
 'interests': ['Depth Cues',
               '3D Shape',
               'Shape from Texture & Shading',
               'Naive Physics',
 'name': 'Steven A. Cholewiak, PhD',
 'scholar_id': '4bahYMkAAAAJ',
 'url_picture': ''}
get_author(_AuthorParser__data) → scholarly.data_types.Author[source]

Fills the information for an author container